Why Ad Astra


Why Fiber

Speed and simplicity. 

In Topeka, most people access the internet with a bundled service.  These traditional bundles combine three types of service:   cable TV, landline telephone and internet.  Each service has different levels with different pricing.  And, low prices are often listed for one service but require the purchase of additional packages.  In short, consumers often purchase a mix of packages and services that can easily cost $100 or more per month.

Ad Astra Fiber offers one product with a single pricing level:  High-speed internet for $34.99 per month.

Our service provides the best internet connection available.  Speeds typically run above 30 Mbps and can achieve 100 Mbps—which is 10 to 20 times faster than typical service found in Topeka.  Pictures, videos, and files transfer in seconds instead of minutes.  Streaming video works smoothly instead of periodically stopping or skipping.

Ad Astra Fiber believes life without bundles is better.

People in Topeka also access the internet through a variety of non-bundled ways:

Cellular Data Plans
Wi-Fi access at the Library or coffee shops.
Hotels and traditional providers offer location specific paid access.
Most of these are limited, expensive or complex.  Cellular data plans offer simplicity, but are very expensive.  Many public areas offer free access, but limit access time.  Other providers provide such low speeds eliminating the ability to access video or streaming content.

Ad Astra Fiber believes life without complex internet connection is better.

Ad Astra Fiber provides a single service to deliver the best internet value in Topeka.   We use a fiber rich network to ensure high speeds and simple access.  Our customers access the content they want at speeds not available from other companies.